Tough Egg Crumble


Tough Egg Crumble N0008W
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Allfarm Tough Egg Crumble is a feed supplement formulated to support laying birds and promote stronger egg shells. It also supports good gizzard function and reduces the chance of fibrous gizzard balls forming and causing impaction.

Tough Egg Crumble can be used at point of lay, when flocks have moulted and are getting ready to lay in spring, or any time when shell strength is an issue. It is useful when you want to supplement birds through a feed additive. The amount you provide can be conveniently controlled and monitored through bird feed consumption.

Tough Egg Crumble contains triple calcium to support strong egg shells, molasses, high fibre, vitamins and trace elements. The delicious muesli smell encourages birds to consume the ingredients which go into making a strong shell.

See also our Tough Egg Muesli Tray which comes as a soft, crumbly, grain tray that can be convenient to handle and distribute around a pen or shed and is made from compostable BioCane. This product is also recommended if gizzard health is a crucial issue - the paraffin wax used in its formulation helps break down impaction balls which affect gizzard mobility and block nutrient passage to the small intestine.

Download our Allfarm Tough Egg Product Information Sheet Here