Our returns and refunds policies are presented in the following two sections:

If you meet the criteria outlined below, please contact us by phone or email to organize a refund or return of goods, or to discuss your situation further.

All products purchased from Allfarm are supplied with the understanding:

  • The purchaser uses the product as described on the label.
  • The purchaser reports unexpected performances immediately.
  • Technical investigations can require some time and often require solutions both in-house and through over the phone consultation.

Returns and Refunds Policy - If you change your mind.

We understand that occasionally your purchase may turn out to be not what you need. If you change your mind, Allfarm are happy to offer you a refund or exchange on most merchandise, providing you meet the criteria below. This does not apply to live nutritional products or live vaccines. The following time limits and criteria apply:

  • Online purchases (Australia): 30 days from date of delivery – however our invoicing and delivery docket documentation requires you to check all consignments on arrival.
  • Allfarm will usually offer to replace your product.
  • When a refund is requested, you will be paid by EFT, usually within the month. It is important to provide clear details to enable us to return the funds to you by EFT.
  • Proof of purchase must accompany the returned merchandise.
  • The merchandise is intact in its primary and secondary packaging, and in its original condition.
  • Any discounts received at the time of purchase will be carried over.
  • Live nutritional products, including Allfarm Superworms, cannot be returned under this policy.
  • Killed vaccines can usually be returned under this policy but further consultation is required first. Please contact us.
  • Live vaccines cannot usually be returned under this policy. Live vaccines are generally fragile, require cold chain transport, and have a short shelf life.
  • This policy does not pertain to goods manufactured under special orders at our GMP facility (see below).
  • Our Change of Mind Policy does not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and you have consumer guarantees that cannot be limited by us.
  • You may also be required to answer questions relating to whether the product has been on a poultry farm or has been in contact with domestic animals. The reason for this is to ensure that potential diseases are not returned on the packaging.


Returns and Refunds Policy – Defective or incorrect goods, or products that have failed to meet expectation.

If goods fail to meet expectation it is likely they have been opened and used.

Subject to the Consumer Guarantees outlined below, goods that have potential efficacy or manufacturing issues, or goods you believe were not as presented, can be returned or replaced subject to the following conditions:

  • If you have purchased a product with a major fault, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. If you purchased a product with a minor fault, we may choose to give you a free replacement instead of a replacement or refund.
  • You should contact us as soon as possible after the goods are opened and the damage/defect is noticed.
  • Proof of purchase is accompanied with the returned merchandise.
  • If there are multiple units then unopened primary packages can also be returned.
  • The merchandise is in its original condition.
  • Any discounts received at the time of purchase will be carried over.
  • Batch numbers are provided.
  • Use-by and/or manufacturing dates are known.
  • The company veterinarian and regulatory / Quality Assurance personnel believe there is a potential relationship between the product and a health issue being detected.
  • When returning or exchanging a faulty, damaged, or incorrectly described item, Allfarm will arrange return postage on your behalf or refund postage costs upon verification of receipt(s). Allfarm will not accept returns of products sold through second parties.
  • When a refund is requested, you will be paid by EFT, usually within the month. It is important to provide clear details to enable us to return the funds to you by EFT.
  • Our Change of Mind Policy does not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and you have consumer guarantees that cannot be limited by us. If your product is not of acceptable quality, is not fit for its purpose, or is different from its description or sample, then you may be eligible for a refund, exchange or a partial refund (if you choose to keep it).
  • Our technical services and regulatory department may be unable to review some issues. When this occurs, for example when the samples in our retention register are exhausted, all items must be physically returned either via mail or in person.

These guarantees do not apply if you:

  • Got what you asked for but simply changed your mind.
  • Did not promptly store your purchase under our recommended storage conditions. This is critical for live nutritional products, live vaccines, goods that must be refrigerated, or any other product that will degrade quickly if not stored correctly. You are responsible for how your goods are stored upon receipt.
  • Misused a product in any way that caused the problem. All products must be used strictly by the instructions provided. This is especially important for vaccines and medications, where incorrect administration or dosage could cause sickness or death.
  • Knew of, or were made aware of, considerations before you bought the product – for example short shelf life.
  • Asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted.

As some products require regulatory investigation, the details required must be sufficient for us to evaluate the issue. Issues with these products could result in product recalls or represent problems we have failed to detect during production then the details required must be sufficient for us to evaluate the issue.


Contract Manufacturing at Our GMP Facility

Clients using our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility are required to complete a GMP agreement prior to the commencement of any manufacturing steps. The products we manufacture are released to the customer subject to compliance with the agreed steps outlined in the agreements.

Allfarm will not be responsible for products pre-purchased by the customer which meet the inwards goods specifications.

Once a product has been manufactured, there is no change of mind policy applicable, as products are usually specific to a customer needs and cannot be used in other products. Customers will be invoiced for the agreed amounts.

Veterinary Dispensing and Manufacturing

Products manufactured according to veterinary prescription directives from registered Veterinarians, or which are dispensed according to veterinary directives compliant with Australian Veterinary Association policies can be managed under the licencing agreements Allfarm has in place. Labelling and prescriptions are used to improve client understanding the products are under veterinary control. Allfarm accepts full responsibility for dispensing Veterinary products and will ensure the product meets label specifications.

Allfarm will not accept responsibility that products prepared to a client’s specifications are fit for the purpose that the client intends.

Allfarm will accept change of mind policies only in instances where orders are cancelled prior to despatch, or no longer are required.

Allfarm will not refund product which has been purchased and the use-by has been exceeded due to lack of sales or use. By arrangement Allfarm can arrange for product to be returned for disposal.

Where products are seen as not fit for prescribed purpose, of there is an adverse reaction in the animals receiving the medications, the prescribing veterinarian is responsible for immediately contacting Allfarm. Where contact is made by the client then Allfarm will notify the prescribing veterinarian.

Refund policies will be considered once all the details are available.

Copies of the Allfarm product liability insurance currency are available on request.

Returns and Refunds Policy – Further Information.

Allfarm carries a diverse product range, and we encourage customers to contact us prior to ordering, either online or by phone. Allfarm staff can provide answers to many of your questions and there is a veterinarian on site to assist with more complex technical issues.

Our plant is Good Manufacturing Practice registered, which places a serious regulatory responsibility on us to investigate product safety and efficacy concerns. Many of our products are registered, which means for you as a customer, and for us as a manufacturer, we have a requirement to report and investigate any situation where a product has not met expectations.

Allfarm products are generally very robust when it comes to delivery by post or courier. These products are dealt with in the first part of this statement.

Online cancellations & order amendments.

Unfortunately, we may be unable to cancel or make any amendments to online orders after your order is placed and your payment has been processed.

Amendments may include, but are not limited to:

  • Change of delivery address
  • Changes to colours and sizes
  • Adding or removing items
  • Applying discounts
  • Full order cancellations

Please ensure all details provided are full and correct at the time of order placement.

As a purchaser, it is your responsibility to verify all email addresses and delivery addresses.

Allfarm will usually not refund in situations where we can show that we have performed the required services requested on the order form.

Allfarm will not be responsible for problems arising from incorrectly quoted email addresses.

Terms and Conditions – Free Online Returns

The offer is available for all online orders where there is an error in ordering the correct product or the wrong product has been supplied in error by Allfarm.

Orders must be made through www.allfarm.com.au, or our email ordering system, and delivered to an Australian address.

Free returns exclude international purchases.

We will not refund any delivery fees that you have paid at purchase to have the product delivered to you, however this is subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

This policy does not apply to vaccine purchases, where there is a strict cold chain which directly impacts vaccine efficacy.

This statement applies to Parafarm Pty Ltd (ACN 161 661 696) as trustee for Allfarm Animal Health Trust trading as Allfarm Animal Health (ABN 84 506 278 331)

Document authorised for release 16 July 2021 – version 1 by DG Richards (Director)