Ratex® R00140W
Pest Control
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Allfarm Ratex® is a ready-to-use, grain-based bait which is highly palatable to rats and mice. It is suitable for controlling rodent pests in domestic and industrial situations, around farm buildings, wharf areas, and meat-works (non-production areas).

Allfarm Ratex® is a multi-dose rodenticide, which means it has a greater safety margin than products containing Brodifacoum, or other single-dose rodenticides.

When should you use Allfarm Ratex®?

Allfarm Ratex® is suitable for most domestic and commercial applications. It is a multi-dose rodenticide and rodents must consume Ratex® over several days to receive a lethal dose. This gives it a greater safety margin than single-dose products, and is therefore a better choice in situations where there is any risk of domestic animals or wildlife consuming the product.

If you require a faster-acting, single-dose rodenticide, especially in situations where the poisoning of other animals isn’t a serious concern, we recommend Allfarm Raticide®.

Download our Allfarm Ratex® Information Sheet Here