Probiotic Fine Meal


Probiotic Fine Meal N00260W
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Gut health in a sprinkle!

Allfarm Probiotic Fine Meal provides a nutritional boost to younger birds and supports beneficial gut flora during development. It is recommended for younger chicks, poults and game birds, from day-old, and uses an oat flour base.

Probiotic Fine Meal contains baked oat flour coated with vitamins, amino acids and live probiotics. Each ingredient helps support gut flora, gut health, nutrition, and immune function. This product has been formulated and tested by veterinarians, and is a unique product combination.

The live bacteria and yeasts in Probiotic Fine Meal support a healthy gut microbiome, indirectly support immune function, and play a role in maintaining and supporting good digestive health. Active, digestive microflora have important roles which influence nutrient metabolism, immune function and nutrient absorption efficiency. Healthy gut flora are also known to inhibit the establishment of some pathogens. All ingredients in this formula are easily digested and adsorbed.

Birds enjoy the taste of this supplement. Known beneficial probiotic species (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium), fermented yeasts, hydrolysed amino acid and vitamins are adhered onto the natural glutens of the oat flour. This process makes the flour attractive in smell and taste

For poultry over approximately four weeks of age, or when birds are large enough to consume rolled oat flakes, we recommend Allfarm Probiotic Oat Flakes.

Download our Allfarm Probiotic Oat Products Information Sheet Here