Peck Me Up Feed Mix


Peck Me Up Feed Mix F0010W
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Allfarm Peck Me Up feed mix is the perfect powder supplements for boosting home rations. It contains a full range of supplements of vitamins, amino acids, whole protein, and energy, with kelp added to boost the flavour. It can be used to supplement standard poultry rations when birds are moulting, starting to lay, or are laying poorly.

Allfarm Peck Me Up Feed Mix is recommended as a dietary supplement for poultry of all ages. It may be used at double-strength during high-stress times or moulting, when extra protein, vitamins and energy are essential for bird maintenance.

For birds during lay we recommend Allfarm Peck Me Up PLUS Layer Feed Mix. It contains all the ingredients of Peck Me Up Feed Mix, with added carophylls to enhance yolk colour.

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