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Solvita  - water soluble vitamin supplement
Product Description
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Product Use / Dosage

This product has been a favourite of all bird users for many years. Solvita is formulated using water soluble ingredients. Have you ever thought of using Solvita in a wet mash. Birds are greatly attracted to wet mash, and this approach also increases food intake. Mix 5gm into each 4kg of feed. Make up fresh daily.

Solvita is a vitamin supplement, and it contains an carbohydrate carrier base which gives birds rapidly available energy and a vitamin boost a the same time. Solvita is the first line of supplement that should be used when birds are looking poorly, or feed intake needs to be stimulated to sustain laying performance.

Item Number

N - 00380


$25 will buy a 500gm bulk pack of Solvita plus a jar of Solvita


$25 will buy Three (3) by 200gm jars of Solvita


Each 200gm jar comes with a 5gm dispensing spoon



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