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Allfarm Probiotic Flakes - NEW PRODUCT LINE - 120gm - 500 gm
Product Description


This product combines probiotics, vitamins, and amino acids, and delivers these supplements by coating them onto baked oats, and enabling administration in a single dose.

The combination is applied using a single scoop, which comes in each packet.

A daily supplement can be used to supplement single birds requiring higher levels of health support, or be supplied to groups.

The 120gm pack provides 5 birds with 10 days supplementation, or a single bird needing extra assistance for 10 days.


The 500gm pack provides 5 birds with more than 1 month supplementation.



Rates of application - for all birds big enough to eat the flakes easily -

One scoop per five birds per day for day to day use


One scoop for a single bird for 10 days - where special attention is required


Two scoops per five birds once per week - just to keep health support ticking over


Probiotic flakes combine Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria with vitamins and  hydrolysed amino acids.

The ingredients are "glued" onto baked oat flakes during preparation by using the properties of the natural glutens in the oats.

Birds enjoy the taste and smell of the flakes, and so this product is useful where individual birds have reduced appetite, need to be encouraged to eat,  and whenever a disease condition indicates an easily digestible supplement. The oats are pre-baked, which aids ease of digestion.

Probiotics balance gut bacterial populations and aid digestion. Vitamin supplements assist bird performance at any time. Amino acids are readily bioavailable protein building blocks, and are absorbed rapidly. Use of probiotic flakes during moulting may improve feathering quality. The oats which carry the products are baked and have high digestability.

Probiotic flakes should be used on a daily basis and may be of particular benefit  for birds recovering from heat, cold, coccidiosis, worms or other conditions where there is a runny smelly faecal output.

Birds enjoy finding the flakes. Spread the flakes so that the greedy birds do not hog the lot!

Take care adding to feed as the first birds at the feeder birds can select out the flakes.

Ensure there is always fresh cool water available.

Reseal the bag after use.

Refrigeration in hot weather is advised.

Never let the product become wet during storage.

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Two for one product launch special

Two 120gm bags for $16.00

Two 500gm bags for $35.00

Every bag comes with a dispensing spoon

RRP $16.00 per 120 gm bag

RRP $35.00 per 500 gm bag



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