Parasite Testing Service

Allfarm is affiliated with Parasite Diagnostic Services.

Laboratory testing detects coccidia and most roundworms in all types of animal faeces. This test enables diagnosis of coccidial infections and monitoring of worm egg counts, including Capillaria and Ascarids.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Activities

Allfarm Animal Health currently holds a valid Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) manufacturing licence for the new/current premises (No.3 Bray St. Hastings) (APVMA Licence number 2246). Previously, Allfarm Animal Health has held an APVMA manufacturing licence at its old premises (No. 2 Glendale Ave, Hastings) for 2 years (APVMA Licence number 1102) and before that under a different licence number for at least 10 years. (Annexure 1 – GMP licence).

In accordance with the manufacturing activities approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority, Allfarm Animal Health manufactures and produces:

  • Category 2 – Non sterile veterinary preparations other than ectoparasiticides, premixes and supplements (powders, liquids).
  • Category 3 – Ectoparasiticides (powders)
  • Category 4 – Premixes and Supplements (Premix (liquid, powder) and supplements (liquid, powder).

Allfarm Animal Health conducts the following manufacturing activities:

Steps of manufacturing: Quality assurance of raw materials, formulation including blending, granulation, filling, packaging, labelling, repackaging and relabelling.

Analysis and testing: Physical.

Storage (in process).

Release for supply (final quality release of finished product).

Other manufacturing activities carried out on site
Storage (vaccines, raw materials and final products), transportation, manufacturing (custom mixing, nutritional supplements, drying/heat treatment of ingredients), sales and R&D.